8 Secret Places You Will Never See Around Walt Disney World Parks 

Club 33

4. Club 33

While accessing Disneyland’s ultimate secret club is not altogether impossible it is safe to assume that for the majority of the public it is an experience unlikely ever to happen. Nestled discreetly at Disneyland’s New Orleans Square without any fanfare, the humble entrance is quite a contrast to the elite and elaborate interior, which boasts lavish scenery, private lounges, and even an indulgent five star restaurant of decadent tastes. Membership is not easy to come by and requires application, a long waiting list that can span up to 14 years, and then eventual invitation. There is also the pricey $100,000 joining fee as well as the $30,000 annual fee to consider. Two other Club 33 locations can be found at Tokyo Disney and Shanghai Disney. In Fall 2017 it has also been confirmed by Orlando Sentinel that each of Disney World’s four parks will also be getting its own Club 33 location.


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