8 Secret Places You Will Never See Around Walt Disney World Parks 

Disney Command Center

5. The Disney Operational Command Center

Cinderella’s Suite is situated on an upper level of the iconic Castle, which is also site to Cinderella’s Royal Table, is the backdrop for daily events and spectaculars, and also serves as the epic center for a whole host of other happenings. And if you were to venture beneath the Castle, you’d find yourself in the top-secret Disney Operational Command Center. Also known as the “nerve center,” this is the place where a lot of the park’s essential but unseen action takes place. A large network of computers and operational systems control and monitor everything in the Magic Kingdom—from the many animatronics featured in various attractions to lighting, special effects, curtains and stage functions, and just about everything else. All park security is also monitored via cameras and television monitors throughout the park. And by constantly viewing the various nooks and crannies of the Magic Kingdom cast members remain in-tune to various needs that may arise, particularly in regards to rising wait times and managing larger crowds. For instance, growing lines at certain attractions may call for the need to dispatch more operational vehicles. Or there may be a call to deploy certain characters or fun diversions at certain queue areas to keep crowds entertained. When restaurants get busy additional greeters, other workers, and operating registers may also be notified. All is carefully observed and reconciled through this underground secret space.

Photo Credit: Disney


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