8 Secret Places You Will Never See Around Walt Disney World Parks 

Castle Suite

6. Cinderella Castle Suite

Likewise, Cinderella’s Castle Suite in Disney World is also used to accommodate celebrities, contest winners, and other VIPs. It too was revamped into becoming the esoteric regal suite it now stands to boast during the Year of A Million Dreams celebrations in which specially selected guests were given the once in a lifetime opportunity to stay overnight in such an enchanting setting. There have been rare, occasional touring options to see the interior of the suite through the years, but for the most part, visitors must accept that viewing the suite in person is highly unlikely and staying in it is next to impossible. The suite encompasses a truly magical aurora. It’s like stepping into a fairytale the moment you step into the lobby foyer right outside the suite, with its marble floor inlay and many mementos from Cinderella’s own magical story. Once inside, you will find yourself lavishly encompassed by furnishings and décor that look as though they came straight out of an old-time castle, with majestic royal elegance in everything, from the fireplaces to the walls. Even the modern conveniences of the 21-first century, like the phone, flat screen television, and other extras are fashioned in such a meticulous way as not to clash with the charm of the overall fairytale setting.  It truly is a breathtaking sight to behold and a magical experience to have. No words can do it justice!


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