8 Rides You Should FastPass at Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion

Don’t you love the Magic Kingdom? The different lands, the characters, the rides and attractions, Cinderella Castle, and everything in between make for an amazing Walt Disney World experience! But when it comes down to which rides you should use a FastPass+ on, you may be overwhelmed with the choices, or may not understand which rides are worth it and which aren’t. Here are eight of our suggestions for rides that you may want to book a FastPass+ for on your next trip to the Magic Kingdom.

8. The Haunted Mansion

This classic and spooky Disney ride features cool temperatures, so it’s always a popular spot on a hot Florida day. On top of being such an iconic ride, lines are usually fairly long for this ghostly attraction. Skip the long lines with a FastPass+ and head inside faster than other guests to enjoy your visit to the mansion featuring 999 happy haunts. Just be aware that small children may be frightened on this ride, so check how comfortable they are before booking a FastPass+.

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