8 Rides You Should FastPass at Magic Kingdom

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3. Space Mountain

The most popular ride in Tomorrowland and one of the most iconic Disney rides certainly comes with long lines no matter what time of year it is. Getting a FastPass+ for this classic, indoor roller coaster journey through space will be worth your while, especially if you want to ride it more than once in a day!

2. Splash Mountain

You’ll be glad you did this on a hot Orlando afternoon! Because this is a well-loved, fun, exciting water ride, lines do get long, especially in the toasty summer months. What can make the lines for this ride even more brutal is that most of the queue is outdoors, which can make you sweaty and miserable. Book a FastPass+, skip the long line and cool off on your trip into the briar patch!

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This fun, fast, roller coaster train ride experience has been a well-loved Disney attraction for many years, which means lines can get pretty long. Plus, much of the queue is shaded, but still outdoors, which means you can’t really escape the heat. If you’re a roller coaster fan, you will definitely want to skip the long lines and consider a FastPass+ for this one.

These are just some of the many rides you can FastPass+ at Magic Kingdom, and there are plenty of other attractions that are worthy of skipping lines for too! Just make sure you plan your FastPass+ selections and times appropriately so you aren’t caught running from one side of the park to the other to make your time. No matter what rides you choose to FastPass+ and which you wait in regular lines for, you are bound to have an amazing Walt Disney World day!

By Emily


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