8 Rides You Should FastPass at Magic Kingdom

Flight Of Peter Pan

7. Jungle Cruise

If you’re looking for a “punny” adventure through the jungle, the classic Jungle Cruise may be the place for you. Because it’s another Disney classic, and a relaxing ride featuring interactive boat drivers, lines are traditionally very long and outdoors, which means it can get hot. To avoid the longer lines so you can get started on your journey faster, try booking a FastPass+ for this unique boat experience.

6. Peter Pan’s Flight

This is one of those classic, original rides that thousands guests are dying to ride at least once on their visit, so lines can get fairly long. To avoid the longer lines, book a FastPass+ for this ride just in case. This is one of those rides that tends to have a consistently long queue, so it’s better to be safe than sorry! Plus, it’s a fairly short ride, so you won’t want to waste too much time in line if you won’t be riding for very long.


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