8 Reasons Why Pandora - World of Avatar Has Made Animal Kingdom THE Place To Visit After Dark

3. Tree of Life Awakenings

 Much as the Magic Kingdom has made use of cutting-edge 3D mapping technology to animate the front of Cinderella’s Castle during evening hours, and Epcot has likewise turned Spaceship Earth into Mike Wazowski, Sully, and even the Death Star, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has used that same technology to create an incredible nighttime show called Tree of Life Awakenings.  Starting after sunset and occurring approximately every ten minutes right up to park closing, the animal spirits carved into the Tree of Life’s trunk are brought to life by magical fireflies.  The show then segues into short but visually stunning vignettes that feature a young doe, a pair of hummingbirds, and a nimble fox.  The centerpiece of the Animal Kingdom park finally has a show that is worthy of this iconic feature.


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