8 Reasons To Pay For Memory Maker

Castle Distance Photo

1. The quality of the pictures is excellent 

I have been so pleased with the quality of photos that we have gotten from Memory Maker. The quality of the photos is much higher than any of the phone pictures we have taken, and we never remember to pull our nice camera out of the bag when we are in the parks. The photographers will take multiple shots to ensure that there's at least one that is a great shot of everyone!
I love to make photo books for each of our Disney trips, and Memory Maker makes that SO EASY. You have up to 45 days after your trip is over to download your pictures to your phone, computer or tablet. After you download them, it's so easy to put them in any format that you choose. As you are planning your Disney vacation, definitely consider purchasing Memory Maker to get even more magic out of your trip!
By Kami


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