8 of the Most Exciting Jobs at Walt Disney World Resort

Kilamanjaro Safaris

7.  Attraction Cast Member (narration and spiels required)

There are some attractions, such as the “Jungle Cruise” and “Kilimanjaro Safaris Guide”, that require the cast member/pilot, tour guide, driver, to narrate and memorize a scripted “spiel” while piloting or driving the ride vehicle. These scripted narratives must be presented to the guests in a way that entertains and informs them about what they are observing, in a natural and unrehearsed manner.  You are basically an actor/comedian all in one with your passengers as your captive audience.  You are also creating a memorable experience for each and every guest on board your boat, or ride vehicle.  How fun to not only be in charge of transporting your guests, but also being their entertainment and tour guide.



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