8 of the Most Exciting Jobs at Walt Disney World Resort

The Tremaines Magic Kingdom

1.  Character Attendant

For anyone who has never visited Walt Disney World, there are special areas which are designated “character meet and greets”, where guests have the opportunity to visit with, get autographs from, and have photos made with their favorite Disney characters.  Some of these “meet and greets” are in special indoor venues which offer fast pass+ reservations, but most are at locations throughout the theme parks.  Each Disney character is assigned an attendant, whose job is to make sure the character arrives at their special area in a timely manner.  Along the way, the character attendant is responsible for getting through the crowds without stopping, but at the same time, being polite, courteous to guests who want to shake hands or get photos, but makes sure their Disney character arrives safely to their spot.  Once at their destination, the attendant oversees the queue, insuring that everyone in line will get their turn.  The character also watches for any inappropriate behavior, such as pulling, punching, grabbing, etc., by overly excited guests.  Being a Disney character attendant is not only fun, but very important, and what better way to get up close and personal with Disney guests who are anxious to meet their favorite character.



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