8 Nighttime Experiences Walt Disney World Fans Are Obsessed With

Happily Ever After

1. Happily Ever After

This is the show that (almost) every Disney fan is obsessing over. This is the successor to Wishes, the nighttime show that truly captured everyone’s heart and made them believe in the power of wishes. Happily Ever After takes it one step further and tells you that the key to unlocking your own magic, happiness and eventually finding your happily ever after is within you. Deep, huh? It’s visually stunning with impressive projections, lasers and fireworks and the score is to die for.

Disney fans know that a day at the parks isn’t complete without a nighttime experience and there are so many to choose from, even more than what is on this list. Find your new favorite nighttime experience during your next trip!

Photo Credit: Disney

By Monet


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