8 Dining Options at Disney Springs We’re Totally Nuts For!

Cocacola Store

1. Coca-Cola Rooftop Beverage Bar

Not only is this huge Coca-Cola store full of tempting merchandise, it has a stunning rooftop bar featuring a myriad of drink selections. Treat yourself to a frothy float or an ice-cold soda. If you’re daring, you could even purchase a flight of international soda samples and determine which one tastes the best (or the worst). Even if you aren’t a soda drinker, you should still hike up to this spot, just so you can see the gorgeous, bird eye view of the Springs.

Honestly, this list only begins to cover all of the mouth-watering and unique options, but everyone has to start somewhere! We dare you to make your own bucket list of dining options to try. You (and your taste buds) won’t be sorry.

By Rebekah


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