7 Tips for Having a Lazy Day at Disney World Resort

Pool at Port Orleans Riverside

2. Book Table-Service Dining Reservations

For a good lazy day, don't opt for dining options where you have to serve yourself at a buffet table or wait in line at a counter. Pamper yourself with reservations at one or two nice table-service establishments. Allow the waitstaff to help make your day the laziest and most relaxed it can be.

1. Stay at Your Resort and Swim

If you're staying at an on-site resort, you don't even need to necessarily leave from there on your lazy day. You can have a perfectly fine time hanging around and having a pool day while it's sunny, grabbing a meal or two from a resort restaurant, and maybe catching an outdoor film showing in the evening. Ahhhh, we're getting relaxed just thinking about it.

These are just seven of the ways you can have a lazy day in Disney World. There are plenty of others, but hey, we won't weigh your mind down with all the possible options. That would defeat the purpose!


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