7 Things You’ll Love About Storybook Circus in the Magic Kingdom

Minnie Mouse

5.  Pete’s Silly Sideshow

Step inside this magnificent circus tent for a memorable “Meet and Greet” with these exceptional Disney characters:  Donald Duck as “The Astounding Donaldo”, the most charming of snake charmers; Goofy as “The Great Goofini”, circus stuntman extraordinaire; Daisy Duck plays the part of “Madame Daisy Fortuna”, a mysterious gypsy fortune teller; and Minnie Mouse as “Minnie Magnifique”, that famous Parisian poodle trainer.  Creative props and settings enhance the theme and story behind each character, and make your interaction with them even more memorable.  The lines for these “Meet and Greets” are usually less than 30 minutes, so the visits are more relaxed and longer.  Daisy might tell your fortune; Goofy might spread his arms like the wings of a plan; Donald might be tempted to charm a snake; or Minnie just might show off her lovely Parisian gown.  If the line is short enough, the interactions will be even better.  Take your time and get a really unique photo with one of these classic Disney stars.


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