7 Things You’ll Love About Storybook Circus in the Magic Kingdom

Casey Jr. Splash

2.  Casey Jr. Soak ‘n’ Splash Station

Pay special attention to the words “soak and splash”, because this is a whimsical, watery interactive play area right in the middle of Storybook Circus.  The main attraction is a  model of the Casey Jr. Train from the classic novel and film about Dumbo, the flying elephant.  About every ten minutes Casey Jr. becomes active, and with sounds of whistles and a locomotive engine, you better step back, because the waterworks are about to begin.  As a steam from the engine turns into a watery mist, the monkey, camels, and elephant begin spraying water in all directions.  It’s an interactive free-for-all, and if you don’t want to get wet, there are benches all around the area for parents to sit back and watch the fun.  In the hot summer months, parents may want to get in on some of the action for a quick cool down.



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