7 Things You Should Never Tell a Walt Disney World Cast Member

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3. It’s Not My Fault I Missed My Fast Pass

Have you ever seen a disgruntled guest complaining to a Cast Member about a missed FastPass?  Watching a cast member try to calm down an irritated guest is not fun for anyone. The fact is, fast passes have an expiration time that must be obeyed in order for the system to continue to work.  Plan your fast passes and park day carefully to ensure you have enough time to make it to each of your fast pass attractions with your family in tow.  If you miss a fast pass, be polite to cast members and explain the situation (if there is one) about ride shutdowns or other Disney related issues that delayed you from arriving at your fast pass by the appropriate ending time.

2. My Kid Will Be Fine (He Doesn't Meet the Height Requirement)

Height requirements exist for a reason and cast members enforce them because they care about your safety. Don’t be that guest that begs cast members to fudge on the height requirement to let your child ride. With the rider swap system, both guardians get a chance to ride larger attractions with one wait time while the child switches between guardians.

1. I Don't Need To Do That

Be it exiting the park in the manner requested, taking shelter in a severe weather situation, getting off the railing you are sitting on at an evening laser show or any number of other instructions a cast member might give you, listen to what they ask and comply respectfully. Again, rules exist at Walt Disney World just as they do in the real world and most of them exist for your safety and enjoyment. Respectfully follow directions the first time cast members give them and ensure yourself and other park goers a fun and enjoyable Disney experience.

By Katherine


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