7 Things You Should Never Tell a Walt Disney World Cast Member

5. Why is Everything So Expensive?

Once again, we know Disney is not cheap. With an adult ticket to The Magic Kingdom on a moderately crowded park day up to around one hundred dollars per ticket, we get the idea of wanting to get the most for your money and saving money where you can.  Still, asking cast members “why the hefty price tag” at shops, dining and ticket offices is just plain crummy. Cast members don’t set the prices so please don’t complain to them.

4. How Much Money Do You Make?

That’s right folks, this inappropriate question in real life carries over to Walt Disney World. Before you ask if I’m serious- yes! I have actually heard a guests ask a cast member how much money they make working at Walt Disney World while waiting to board an attraction. This question is rude and strange on so many levels so just resist the urge to ask.


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