7 Things You Should Never Tell a Walt Disney World Cast Member

Cast Members Magic Kingdom

7. I’m Not Waiting in Line / These Lines are Ridiculous

Everyone at Walt Disney World is on vacation, they all paid just as much as you did to enjoy the attractions and they all hate waiting in lines just as much as you do. Yes, lines for popular attractions can get crazy long during busy times of day and busier travel seasons. The bottom line is everyone is just as excited to see the awesome attractions as you are.  Please don’t complain to cast members about wait times, long wait times are not their fault.

6. I’m On Vacation / How Could the Unexpected Happen

We get it, you paid a lot of money to visit the happiest place on earth, so when things don’t go according to plan it is frustrating. Resist the urge to take out frustration on a cast member. Lose the “but I’m on vacation” mentality, because it applies to everyone in the parks. Understand that ride breakdowns, schedule mishaps and weather delays among other unexpected possibilities cannot be helped and are not the fault of cast members.


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