7 Reasons Why The Edison is Our Newest Favorite Restaurant at Disney Springs

The Edison

1. Rory the Inventor

Going back to The Edison's "daytime mode", one character you may get the chance to meet as you dine is Rory the Inventor, who strolls around the restaurant and talks to guests about his inventions. His schtick is a little bit science, a little bit magic, and a whole lot of fun.

As you can see, there are loads of reasons for The Edison to become yournew favorite restaurant in Disney Springs, just like it has for us. There are more things we didn't even touch on in today's article, such as their fantastical dessert selection.

Don't wait! Make your way over to The Edison the next time you're in Disney Springs. You'll have a stellar time and plenty of tasty grub to chow down on.

By Chris G


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