7 Reasons Why The Edison is Our Newest Favorite Restaurant at Disney Springs

The Edison

2. Adults-Only Nightlife

While The Edison is perfectly tame and family-friendly in the daytime, once the clock chimes 10pm, it's time for the kiddos to head home because the downstairs area gets rearranged to become a dance floor while performers take the stage. Depending on the night, a live band or DJ might be performing for you, while on other nights you're treated to more risqué entertainment such as cabaret dancing, acrobats and aerialists, contortionists, comedians, and more.

When The Edison is in "night mode", there's not only an age requirement of 21 years and up, but also a dress code. You won't be able to get in here dressed like a slacker; you're gonna have to bring your A-game. Don't even think about showing up in flip-flops or a tank top.


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