Why The Edison is Our Newest Favorite Restaurant at Disney Springs

The Edison

4. The Clock Tower

Just inside the entrance is an enormous mechanical clock tower, which really sets the tone right off the bat for what you're going to experience at The Edison. It's not just for looks, either — this larger-than-life timepiece is totally functional, and will even chime on the hour.

3. The Cocktails

With three bars inside, you'd expect this place to have an extensive drink list to choose from—and you'd be right. In addition to a number of draught beers and ciders, a decent wine list, and quite the selection of liquors, The Edison also offers a variety of signature cocktails, all with theme-appropriate names like "Airship Pirate", "Wizard of Menlo Park", and "The Flying Apparatus".

They also have classic cocktails to choose from, but even those have cool names. A few examples are "Burnt Bulb", "The Smoke Stack", and "Innovation Reviver #2".


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