7 Reasons Why A Disney World Vacation Is Excellent For Your Health

Dumbo Ride

6. Improved Relationships

Guess what Disney doesn’t have? Homework. Baseball practice. Overtime. HOA meetings. Violin recitals. Business dinners. All those necessary, good things that we must experience as part of our daily lives are left behind when taking a trip to Disney World, making it easier to really take time for those we love. Dr. Whitbourne of Psychology Today says, “The benefits of vacations extend to family relationships. An international group of researchers led by Purdue University Xinran Lehto concluded that family vacations contribute positively to family bonding, communication and solidarity. Vacations promote what is called the "crescive bond" (in sociological parlance, a "shared experience") by fostering growing and enduring connections. Shared family memories and time spent together isolated from ordinary everyday activities (school, work, and so on) help to promote these positive ties. Though family vacations can have their own share of stress, the benefits outweigh the risks.”


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