7 Quick Eats At Walt Disney's Hollywood Studios

ABC Commissary

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is in the midst of undergoing a major renaissance of sorts. The recently opened Toy Story Land stands out as one of the latest new hotspots to explore, and don’t forget about all the other slated plans in the coming years, some of which are already in the works. With crowds of people out and about in pursuit of such excitement, it goes without saying that these people need to eat eventually. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices, ranging from nice sit-down table restaurants to quick service counter picks. Those who are on the go may opt for the latter suggestion. Here’s a look at seven such quick eats awaiting you at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

7. ABC Commissary

Learn the ABCs of quick, casual, yet quality eating at ABC Commissary. Located near the famed Chinese Theatre, you’ll immediately notice all the nods to Hollywood film classics new and old alike, as seen through the vast compilation of film posters hanging about and several onsite televisions playing constant movie trailer loops. Both lunch and dinner are served here daily, with each meal boasting a versatile lineup of starring entrée selections. For lunchtime you can dive into classic American favorites like burgers and subs, along with unique less common specialties, including the Vegan Burger, Mediterranean Salad (with an option to include chicken), and pleasing platter features, such as the BBQ Rib Platter, Shrimp Platter, Fish and Shrimp Platter, and the Shrimp, Fish, and Chicken Platter. While some lunch features are also available through dinnertime, there are several unique entrée items that only perform in the evenings. These include delicious teriyaki bowls available in both shrimp and vegetable variations and the Braised Beef and Enchilada. As always, the eatery also features a children’s menu as well, along with a variety of drinks, both spirited and otherwise. Decadent desserts are available during lunch and dinner, with the Olaf Cupcake and honorary Toy Story Land Cupcake making starring appearances in both acts. Lunch also welcomes in cameos by Chocolate Mousse and the No Sugar Added Strawberry Parfait. For dinner, the Chocolate Banana Cream Almond Crisp and Tropical Mousse Lady Finger Sponge Cake step into the limelight.

Photo Credit: Disney

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