7 New Additions to Walt Disney World That We're Freaking Out About

Pandora Avatar land

1. Pandora – The World of Avatar

Honestly, you should be planning a trip dedicated to exploring the newest land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom because it’s truly out of this world. You will walk beneath floating mountains, watch the area come alive with bioluminescent lighting, fly on the back of a banshee and navigate a mystical river where you will encounter the Shaman of Songs. Disney did a fantastic job bringing Pandora to life and the attention to detail is outstanding. Everything is perfectly themed right down to the food you can purchase at the Sa’tuli Canteen, which I highly recommend! Pandora is a work of art and it’s no surprise that it has been popular since its debut in May.

Even though many of the new things announced at the D23 Expo won’t come to fruition for a few years, there are still plenty of new additions to check out at the Walt Disney World Resort. Plan your next trip and be sure to make time for everything that has opened with the last few months! 

By Monet


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