7 Expert Tips to Plan an Amazing Walt Disney World Vacation

1. Holidays/Special Events

Throughout the year, Disney puts on special events that usually coordinate with holidays, you may want to consider visiting during this time to see the parks and resorts decorated for the holiday or to participate in special events.  We particularly enjoy visiting in December so we can see the Christmas decorations, as well as attend Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  Or, you may want to avoid the additional crowds that come with the holidays and you want to visit at a non-holiday time.

Thinking about the kind of vacation that you want to have before making any plans is the most important tip we can offer.  Once you know that, you are able to make decisions about the resort, restaurants, and attractions that you want to visit.  Using these tips, you can save money, time, and, most important aggravation on your next trip!

By Tyler


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