7 Best Quick Eats at Walt Disney's Epcot Park

Germany pavilion epcot

2. Chicken Nuggets at Electric Umbrella (Future World)

There are plenty of great quick eats at this spot, but for our money, it doesn't get much simpler than an order of chicken nuggets and fries. The 8 nuggets they give you are a pretty decent size, and same goes for the amount of fries you get with them. Easy to munch on while you continue walking, but also fast to put away if you do need to sit for a few minutes.

1. Jumbo Pretzel at Sommerfest(Germany Pavilion, World Showcase)

What could be better than a big, salty pretzel to curb your appetite a while? In addition to bursting with flavor, the authentic German versions they offer at Sommerfest certainly live up to the "jumbo" in their name. Each one is served on a regular-sized entree plate and is stilltoo big for it! You're not paying 10 bucks for nothing here.

If you do have a little time to stop and eat an actual meal, we recommend the bratwurst at this same location. It's among the best we've ever had—no joke.

Listing all the fantastic quick eats at Epcot would take far longer than we have time for today. Start with the "lucky 7" above and then do a little culinary exploring of your own!

By Chris G


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