6 Walt Disney World Resorts You Should Visit During the Holidays

Grand Floridian Resort Christmas Disney

1. Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa

If you visit no other resort during the holiday season, you must visit the Grand Floridian. As this resort is on the monorail line if you’re traveling to Magic Kingdom, you can easily hop off and take a quick trip to the lobby, though I promise you’ll want to stay there all day! Aside from the massive tree, which is perfect for picture taking, there is a life-sized gingerbread house with cast members selling gingerbread and other holiday treats inside! It’s beautifully constructed and honestly just so impressive that you have to see it to believe it. The ambiance is elegant and truly makes you feel full of holiday cheer.

While I love visiting the parks during the holidays, I also always make time to visit the resorts as well. Each resort has a unique vibe and theming that comes to life during the holidays. Be sure to visit some of these resorts or check out others not on the list to find your favorite holiday display!

By Monet


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