6 Tips For Choosing Between the Disney Water Parks

Waterparks Disney

When visiting Walt Disney World, guests have the choice between two fabulous water parks in addition to the wonderfully themed pools at the Disney resorts.  Similar to the theme parks, both water parks come with their own distinct themes, variety of attractions, and restaurants.  While both water parks are guaranteed to cool you down and entertain you, here is the rundown on the water parks to help you choose between the two!

6. Typhoon Lagoon

The older of the two water parks, Typhoon Lagoon is located near Disney Springs.  Thematically, Typhoon Lagoon shows the remnants of a storm that descended upon the park.  In the aftermath of the storm, much was upended and thrown around the park.  The highlight is Miss Tilly, the old boat that sit stops Mount Mayday in the center of the park. 

5. Blizzard Beach

Located near Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach is the creation of what happens when a freak snowstorm hits Florida, developers decide to open a ski lodge, but then all of the snow begins to melt.  In the center of the park, guests will find Mount Gushmore, which is the starting point of many of the attractions at the park.

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