6 Apps You Should Download Before Visiting Disney World

Disney World Lines from Touring

5. Disney World Lines by Touring Plans

Touring Plans is an amazing website that allows you to find or create theme park touring plans that are perfect for your family. These plans take typical wait times into consideration and will help you find the ideal schedule that removes long wait times and helps you fit everything you want to see into your visit.

Luckily, this company also has an app which they call “Lines”. Even better than that, the “Lines” app is free. However, several of the features require the user to purchase a subscription. That said, the subscription and app are both well worthwhile and together provide:

●      Incredibly accurate wait times, even on attractions that don't have wait times listed in the official Disney app above.

●      The ability to create custom, time-saving touring plans.

●      Information on where to find specific food items, along with which food items are considered snacks on the dining plan.

●      Highly accurate crowd level predictions.

●      Information on FastPass+ availability and predicted FastPass+ availability.

●      ...and much, much more.


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