5 Ways to Save on Your Walt Disney World Vacations

2. Food

Now I think there is two sides to saving on food at Disney. On one side you can save lots of money by bringing many snack/meal options with you into the park. You can eat at your off-property hotel also for some big savings. If you plan on eating at the parks and still want to save money, share. Some of the meals at Disney are HUGE and make at least 2 meals, especially for little ones. Also remember you can order things from the quick service meals separately and not always in the combo meals listed on the menus. The other side of saving on meals is to get the Disney Dining Plan. If you have the budget to do it, we always find that it saves this family of 4 money, especially at character meals or those table service meals that can cost more. Just pick the best option for your family and budget.


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