5 Walt Disney World Resorts That Are Perfect For Large Families

2. Villas at the Old Key West Resort

Ok, I know what some of you are thinking. “I’m not a DVC member!” Well, have no fear. There are BBB-accredited sites that will allow you to rent vacation club points from active members. Not only will this enable you to stay in exclusive DVC resorts, it will be significantly cheaper than officially joining the DVC. If you want to rent points and are travelling with a large family, may I suggest one of the grand villas at the Old Key West Resort? The first original DVC resort, this charming Florida Keys-inspired locale is bursting with Disney nostalgia. And more importantly, their largest villas have 3 individual bedrooms and can sleep up to 12 guests! And while this is a splurge, the Old Key West Resort is still one of the cheapest deluxe options on property. Not too shabby!


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