5 Walt Disney World Resorts That Are Perfect For Large Families

Fort Wilderness Campsites

5. Campsites at Fort Wilderness Resort

Let’s start with the thriftiest option. The campsites at the Fort Wilderness Resort are ideal for guests who prefer to sleep under the stars or even, bring their home with them! There are a variety of spaces your family can rent for tents or fully equipped RVs. With each campsite fitting up to 10 adults and the nightly rates being lower than the cost for one standard resort room, the bottom line speaks for itself. Additionally, the picturesque setting is enough to make any family completely feel at ease. And with the option of renting golf carts to navigate the area, this provides a great opportunity for groups to occasionally split up and explore on their own. (From horse bike riding to campfire singalongs to archery lessons, Fort Wilderness is well-worth exploring!) Really. It makes complete sense that WDW would be able to capture the best parts of camping for you and your brood to enjoy.


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