5 Tips For Pre-Planning A Disney Vacation

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5. Get excited in advance.

There's nothing quite like a vacation, and there's nothing quite like the excitement BEFORE a vacation, either. You may not want to obsess over every single detail of your upcoming trip (unless that actually is your preference, in which case, enjoy), but thinking about the rides and attractions and overall wonder of Walt Disney World is definitely a fantastic way to prep. It will also prolong your vacation, much like the post-vacation excitement does--but advanced excitement happens when the trip is still yet to come, instead of after, which is a huge bonus. No wistful sighs for you--the vacation is on its way!  
A Disney vacation is always a good time, and there's no need to overthink it. If you prefer a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants approach, you don't need to plan every aspect of your own magical trip. However, these planning tips might still help you--particularly when it comes to avoiding sunburns and giving yourself permission to get excited about your trip way ahead of time! So set up your Disney soundtracks and sing along; when your vacation arrives, you'll be ready and waiting! 

By Sharon


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