5 Tips For Pre-Planning A Disney Vacation


3. Pack essentials, and remind yourself to use them.

Sunburns, headaches, and sore feet all have two things in common. One: they can all come into play after a neglectful Disney day, and two: they can all inhibit your fun once they get started. Forgetting to reapply sunscreen, becoming dehydrated, and wearing new or ill-fitting shoes are all easy ways to set yourself back. After all, when you're red, tired, and sore, it's hard to keep having fun--even at Walt Disney World! In order to avoid these hazards, pack reminders for yourself; inside those high heels that you brought, put one note that says "Do not wear for more than one hour". Then place a second note, telling yourself that you "mean it!!", inside the other shoe--since you might not listen to yourself the first time. Do the same for your sunscreen and reusable water bottle, with stickers that clearly tell you to use them. Perhaps place them, and some more reminders, with your sunglasses, hat, phone, or whatever else you'll be looking for a lot during the day. If the inevitable happens and you do end up with any of these problems, have back-up ready in the form of aloe, medicine, and ointments or bandages for blisters. Deodorant can also work as a preemptive aid on the back of your feet, to avoid chafing--and, of course, stop for drinks and rest whenever you're tired! There's no rush!


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