5 Tips For an Awesome Night Out on the Town at Walt Disney World

World Showcase France

5. Epcot is the epitome of a fun night out

If your heart is set on having an awesome night out while at a Disney Park, then Epcot is truly your best option. The World Showcase has an abundance of spots to spot and get a drink while taking in the beautiful scenery, and it’s the perfect spot to have dinner, too. The other great thing about the showcase is how much live entertainment there is throughout the day, so you won’t just feel like you’re having drinks in a theme park with your friends. And, if you want to switch it up, you can easily head to one of the attractions in Future World and grab a free soda at Club Cool, which is equally as awesome.

A fun night out is never too difficult to plan when you’re at Walt Disney World. There are so many things you can do that’ll satisfy your need for some grownup fun, and you don’t even have to leave property to do any of it. Be sure to set aside some time on your next trip for these fun activities!

By Monet


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