5 Things We Love About Tony's Town Square Restaurant In The Magic Kingdom

Tony's Chicken

4. The food is truly delicious.

Although lasagna is not currently on the menu, I distinctly remember eating Tony's lasagna in just a few minutes flat—that's how good it was! With offerings that range from New York Strip Steak to Fish of the Day to Goat-Cheese-filled Ravioli, Tony's has something for every Disney visitor (and yes, there is a Kid's Menu, which offers Spaghetti, Pizza, and Multi-Grain Cheese Dippers). Entering this restaurant will definitely put you in an Italian kind of mood, so start your meal with the Zucchini Fritte and the Italian Cheese Dip. After that, what better meal to order than Spaghetti and Meatballs? For dessert, finish your escapade into the sweet Italian night with a Ricotta-Cream-Filled Cannoli, Chocolate Cake, Tiramisú, and/or some rich, decadent Gelato.


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