5 Things Cast Members Want You To Know About Walt Disney World

Tinkerbell At Town Square Theater

5. There is magic everywhere

Magical moments are not rare in Walt Disney World, and you’re sure to experience at least one during your trip. Whether it’s meeting your favorite character, coming home to your Disney resort and seeing your Mickey plush tucked into your bed, receiving a free cupcake on your birthday, getting to be the family of the day at Magic Kingdom or getting fastpasses for your favorite attraction, the cast members at the Walt Disney World resort love making magical moments for guests.

Walt Disney World is not your typical theme park, and with so many components it can be difficult to plan a trip and get the most out of your stay. However, it’s important to remember that the cast members are your best source of knowledge when planning a trip and that they will be there to make it special when you arrive.

By Monet


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