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5 of the Most Chaotic Spots in Walt Disney World

When visiting Walt Disney World, we know crowds will be a part of the vacation. We provide many tips and tricks on dealing with crowds to help you have a great time. Today, we will look at some of the more chaotic areas in Walt Disney World. By sharing these areas, you can either avoid them altogether or at least be prepared when you arrive.

Crowds are part of a Disney vacation, but there are ways to manage them successfully.


Magic Kingdom-Adventureland

One of the most congested areas in Walt Disney World is found in Adventureland of Magic Kingdom. There are many reasons why this area has become so crowded. The first is because of the layout of the land. When walking through Adventureland, you will find the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. This ride causes congestion in this area because the ride is right in the middle of the walkway.

Another reason that we find Adventureland to be busy with people is because of Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean. These two rides are extremely popular. Because of this, we see many people always in Adventureland to experience these two fantastic Disney rides.

There are two shortcuts into and out of Adventureland to help you avoid some of this congestion. First, there are restrooms next to Island Supply by Sunglass Hut. Here there is a walkway that takes you into Frontierland. The second walkway is over by Aloha Isle across from the Magic Carpets of Aladdin. This puts you right into Frontierland near Frontier Mercantile. These walkways are a great way to avoid the large crowds that form in Adventureland.

Peter Pan's Flight, Fantasyland
Credit: Disney

Fantasyland- Magic Kingdom

Another area in Magic Kingdom where crowds sometimes come to a standstill during the peak of the day is back in Fantasyland. Specifically, we see this around Peter Pan’s Flight, and it’s a Small World. The walkway in this area narrows, making it hard to navigate your way through this area.

There are constantly large crowds in this area due to the popularity of these rides and the fact that everyone can enjoy them together. This iconic area of Magic Kingdom can be difficult to navigate. Consider going around Liberty Square by Sleepy Hollow to avoid this congested area as much as possible.

Disney Castle Main Street
Disney Castle Main Street

Main Street, U.S.A.- Magic Kingdom

Main Street, U.S.A. is one of the busiest areas in Walt Disney World. This area is the opening gates to magic, and everyone entering Magic Kingdom takes a stroll down Main Street USA. This means that this area of the Park is constantly busy with people.

There isn’t an excellent way to avoid the crowds on Main Street, U.S.A., in Magic Kingdom as it is the gateway to the rest of the Park. By being early to the Park, you might be able to get ahead of the big crowds. You can also avoid this area at the end of the evening. As people begin to leave following the fireworks, Main Street, U.S.A., gets highly congested. Avoid that stress by enjoying a treat, visiting a shop, or relaxing in the hub as the crowds begin to leave. Another time that gets extremely busy is during the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Unless you plan to watch the parade from Main Street, U.S.A., we recommend avoiding this area during parade time.

Main Street can be highly magical, but it can also be overwhelming with crowds. Plan so you can enjoy the magic without the crowds.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Pandora
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Pandora

Pandora- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Because Pandora is so famous, the area remains bustling throughout the day. This means that the walkways get congested. To avoid this, consider taking the alternative path in and out of the land of Pandora.

This path heads back over Africa. You will enjoy some incredible scenery on your way as well. The bridge takes you over the water, and you come out near the Festival of the Lion King. This is a perfect way to head back to Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Think about when you want to visit this land during your trip. The crowds build throughout the day, so if you can get there and get out early in the morning or later in the evening, you might have smaller groups.


World Showcase- EPCOT

When getting ready to head into World Showcase in EPCOT, you will find the main path gets extremely congested. This has become an even bigger issue with the constant construction. To help avoid this area, take one of the other paths off to the side. These are less crowded and provide a better route to enjoy the countries.

You could also take a boat back to get to the back of the World Showcase instead of walking toward Mexico or Canada. We love the countries throughout the World Showcase, but sometimes avoiding some crowds is nice.

Crowds are part of a Walt Disney World vacation. Knowing where you might come across some larger crowds and how to avoid them can significantly impact your overall experience. By sharing these five most chaotic areas in Walt Disney World with you, we hope your trip will be less stressful, and you can navigate the crowds slightly easier.

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