5 Magical Moments You Must Have Throughout the Walt Disney World Resort

World Of Christmas

1. Tree Decorating at Disney’s Days of Christmas at Disney Springs

It’s Christmas everyday at Disney’s Days of Christmas located at Disney Springs, and you’re invited to celebrate along with the jolly cast members! Every day, there is a ‘magical moment’ that takes place inside this festive shop, where kids are able to help decorate the Christmas tree that sits in the corner of the shop. Christmas is my favorite holiday and this shop tends to give me all of the feels, and I love that this is a moment that takes place inside the store! Another little secret I like to bestow upon people is that the wonderful cast members who are responsible for decorating the custom ornaments you can order at the store are also able to decorate a birthday button if you ask and they have the time! I love having a beautifully written birthday button because who doesn’t love attention on their birthday? And those cast members truly have the nicest handwriting!


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