5 Great Spots to Watch Happily Ever After at Walt Disney World

1. Main Street Train Station

Our favorite spot to grab the show is at the Main Street Train Station – guests get an elevated view of the show from the second story.  The show is perfectly framed by the stores and buildings along Main Street.  Additionally, if it is a particularly hot night, guests may also be treated to a nice breeze to cool them down.  Another plus to this viewing location is what happens afterwards – guests can make a quick exit from the train station, or climb aboard the Walt Disney World Railroad and ride off for an evening ride on Splash Mountain or Thunder Mountain in Frontierland!  We are sure you’ll love it!

Picking the best viewing location for Happily Ever After depends on what is most important to you – do you want some snacks, an uncrowded experience, or able to get out of the park as soon as it is over?  Think about these questions and then pick your favorite viewing location!

By Tyler


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