5 Disney Scams You Shouldn’t Fall For

Disney Dining Plan

1. Extras that may be worth it for some guests but not for you

There are plenty of Disney extras that likely work for some guests, but you may not be one of them. We probably would not refer to the dining plan as a “scam,” however some guests will save 35% off the cost of their meals while others will not. Additionally, some guests find value in purchasing a special event ticket for an evening when they already have theme park tickets, and some guests do not. Some guests find the fireworks dessert parties to be worth it for them, and other guests are just as content with a cookie from the Main Street Confectionary and their own spot in front of the castle. Do some research while planning your trip to determine which extras are worth it for you so you don’t find yourself spending additional money on things you don’t need.

By Brittany


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