5 Disney Scams You Shouldn’t Fall For

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4. Personal shoppers

Personal shoppers are Disney guests who go into the parks and resorts to buy items and sell them (for a profit online) usually through social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. You may initially think these services are a good idea, because they are giving you a way to purchase items from the parks that you would ordinarily not be able to purchase without visiting yourself. But there are plenty of ways where personal shoppers are in fact just pushing scams.

For one, there is a way to purchase Disney Parks merchandise without physically being in the parks. The Shop Disney Parks mobile app allows you to order park-exclusive merchandise right from your smartphone. Of course, not all merchandise is available on the app, and specifically limited edition and event-specific merchandise is often left out. But this brings us to another way that personal shoppers scam guests. Personal shoppers often buy bulk amounts of limited edition merchandise in the parks to re-sell for a profit, which aside from increasing the price and ripping off their “customers,” is making it difficult and sometimes impossible for guests in the park to purchase limited edition items as this often causes them to sell out quicker than they should. Even more unfortunate is that policing these issues is nearly impossible as even with limits imposed for how many of an item can be purchased, personal shoppers can simply do multiple transactions or get help from friends and family.


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