5 Character Dining Options Outside Disney World Parks

Bon Voyage Character Breakfast

1. Trattoria Al Forno

Speaking of excellent dining locations, Trattoria Al Forno is also located near Epcot’s International Gateway entrance at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.  One of the newer character dining options, the Bon Voyage Breakfast features Ariel (in human form), Prince Eric, Rapunzel, and Eugene (aka, Flynn Rider).  This dining experience is a bit different than the other character meals; in this case, you can actually order the entree you want instead of visiting a buffet or having a family style meal.  This is a big deal for character dining- no “am I going to miss Mickey??” panic when you visit a buffet. In addition to your selection, the table will receive assorted pastries as well as a choice of fresh fruit or a berry parfait.  Breakfast choices are cleverly themed to your hosts, with selections such as “King Triton’s Shipwreck al Forno”, “Tangled Eggs”, and “Tower of Pancakes.” This breakfast is full of thoughtful touches (like the pastries being served in a frying pan, surely to the dismay of Flynn Rider)

Whether you’re craving a “Tower of Pancakes” near Epcot or Mickey waffles under the monorail, the memories created at character meals are priceless.  We hope you give one or more of these non-park meals a try and enjoy exploring the resorts while you’re at it. We look forward to hearing if you loved them!

By Meredith


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