5 Changes Coming to Nighttime Entertainment at Walt Disney World

Happily Ever After Fireworks

1. Happily Ever After – Magic Kingdom

It all comes back to Walt Disney’s love of fireworks. Thanks the creative talents of Disney entertainment; their fireworks don’t merely feature splashes of color in the sky. Disney’s firework shows are truly nighttime sensations that often include original music, popular characters, and an inspiring message that will remind you why you are still a dedicated fan. Such is the case with the Magic Kingdom’s newest sensation, Happily Ever After. Aimed to satisfy several generations of Disney fans (with particular attention to the 90s Renaissance era), this show features new music, special effects, and images from the movies that will hit all of the emotional buttons. Bookended by an original tune (sung by vocalists Angie Kellihauer and Jordan Fisher), many fans have found it difficult to watch the entire production with dry eyes. Happily Ever After has exceeded expectations beyond belief and is without a doubt, a worthy Wishes replacement. 

It is always a great time to visit Walt Disney World, but the fantastic slew of entertainment options should be more than enticing to future guests! Naturally, attractions are still the largest draw for theme park visitors. However; there is something to be said for slowing down and enjoying a nighttime spectacular that was not only intended to amuse you, but to remind you of the imagination and beauty in this world.

By Rebekah


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