5 Benefits of Staying at a Magic Kingdom Resort

Park Fare

1. Fantastic Restaurants

Another benefit that is open to all, but is definitely more easily accessible if you are staying at these resorts.  Case in point: Trail’s End at Fort Wilderness.  Guests staying there can hop aboard an internal bus, walk, or ride a golf cart to get to this amazingly underrated restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but if you are staying elsewhere, you will have to drive to the front of Fort Wilderness or take a bus and then climb aboard another internal bus to get to the restaurant.  But, we’ve discovered that if we like the restaurant enough, no amount of transportation issues will prevent us from getting that delicious food into our stomach!

Staying at a Magic Kingdom resort can be a fantastic experience just based on your proximity to the park.  But, the trip can become truly magical once you factor in all of these additional benefits to your resort stay!  What would be your top reason for staying at a Magic Kingdom resort?

By Tyler


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