4 Reasons Why You Should Spend A Day At Disney Water Parks

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Summer is the perfect time to visit Disney Water Parks. Since the heat index in Orlando is above 100 degrees most days, a water park is the perfect way to stay cool while still enjoying that Disney park experience. And since the water is heated at both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, even the “cooler” months (is that even a thing in Florida?) are still a fun time to visit. As if “Florida weather” and “Disney fun” weren’t reason enough, here are a few more things that make Disney Water Parks so great.

4. A Great Value

The best reason to visit Disney Water Parks is that your ticket price includes access to BOTH parks! In peak summer season, adult tickets run $65 per day for adults and $59 for kids (offseason prices are slightly lower). And as long as they’re both open, you can hop back and forth between Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon whenever you want. The only caveat comes when one water park is closed. During the winter months, many times one water park will be closed, either because of too few guests or due to scheduled refurbishments. The water parks also close several hours earlier in the winter than in the summer due in part to the time change. However, during the hot summer months (when you really want to go!) the one-ticket-for-two-parks thing is really an excellent value. You can travel easily between the two parks by bus, or you can drive your own vehicle and utilize the free parking. 

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