4 Reasons Why You Should Spend A Day At Disney Water Parks

sand pail sundae

2. Some Quality Eats

Have you ever had food that you didn’t like at Disney World? I haven’t. And water park food is no exception. We love the Shrimp Po Boy and Chicken Wrap at Typhoon Tilly’s, and at Blizzard Beach, Lottawatta Lodge serves excellent rice bowls and salads. Of course, even standard fare burgers and hot dogs taste great at Disney parks! Many kids meals at the water parks come in a sand pail with a shovel attached, which is nice to use in the sandy parts of the parks. And speaking of sand pails, our family never visits a Disney Water Park without getting a Sand Pail Sundae to share. Yep, it’s just like it sounds—a sand pail filled with ice cream, cone pieces, cookies, sprinkles, fudge, caramel, whipped cream, and a cherry. At $14, we consider this the best treat value in all of Disney World.

Photo Credit: Disney


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