4 Reasons Why You Should Spend A Day At Disney Water Parks

3. The Magical Atmosphere

The two Disney Water Parks have distinct theming that makes them stand out from other water parks you may have visited. Typhoon Lagoon was created to seem like a huge storm flooded a tropical oasis, making ships wash ashore and forming stunning waterfalls as the water recedes. All the structures look charmingly battered and waterlogged, while the lush landscaping gives a resort-like vibe that other concrete laden water parks simply cannot compete with. Blizzard Beach, on the other hand, is meant to look like a ski lodge has experienced a heat wave and all the melting snow is running off the mountain. The attention to detail is amazing—from the ski lift to the alpine touches to the abundant pine trees, you really feel like you’re in the storyline. Both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach represent that Disney quality that sets parks apart from the other guys. 


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