25 Things You Must Do at Walt Disney World

Dole Whip

16. Experience the VOID.

If you’re a Star Warsfanatic, this is one experience you just can’t skip. At Disney Springs, you can suit up in Stormtrooper gear, travel to the planet Mustafar and work with your team to gather intelligence necessary to complete your mission—all in a (virtual) “hyper-reality” setting, powered by LucasFilm, ILMxLAB and the VOID. Purchase tickets in advance at www.thevoid.com.

17. Fall down an elevator shaft. Purposefully.

I suppose it’s a controlled fall down an elevator shaft. At the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Guests are seated in an elevator car that breaks away and begins dropping down the elevator shaft over and over again, and thanks to cutting-edge ride technology, no experience is the same, and you never know when or how far your elevator car will fall.

18. See the parks at Christmastime.

If you’ve never experienced the magic of Walt Disney World at Christmastime, you’re missing something phenomenally special! Not only is there “ice” on Cinderella Castle, but it snows at Disney, regardless of what the weathermen forecast. At EPCOT, Guests can listen to Christmas stories told by Santa Claus, Pere Noel and Father Christmas. There are holiday treats and sweets to sample all around the World Showcase. At Disney Springs, over 25 Christmas trees are dressed to the nines—each one telling a different story from a beloved Disney film. Attractions are decked out in their Christmas best, and every square foot of the Disney World resort—including the resort hotels—is decorated for Christmas.

19. Again, see the parks at Christmas. At least once.

This one deserves a “once again.” Words cannot describe Christmas at Disney World. And the best part is that the special Christmas feeling, as well as the beautiful decorations, ice, snow and Santa don’t leave until around January 6 or 7, making it easy for families to celebrate Christmas back home and still have time to celebrate at Disney World as well.

20. Dive into a Dole Whip.

No visit to the parks at Disney World would be complete without the ever-popular famous Dole Whip. It sounds simple enough—pineapple soft serve. Yep, that’s it. But somehow, it’s a magical experience because it’s happening at Disney. One taste and you’ll understand the fandom.


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