21 Disney World Vacation Hacks That Will Save You Hundreds (in Dollars and Minutes!) 

glass bottles

14. Bring Water and Food

Bringing reusable water bottles is a no-brainer since buying water costs $2+. Cups of ice water are always free at counter service restaurants too. Also, be sure to pack your own snacks or even a light lunch, if you’d like. Outside food is allowed in the parks! (Just no alcohol and no large coolers.)

13. Stroller Savings

Prepaying for multi-day stroller rentals online will save you a little. Going with a third party stroller rental company will save you even more (good for if you’ll need a stroller for more than just the parks). Or consider just ordering a cheap umbrella stroller through Amazon and having it shipped to your resort. 

12. Split Meals

Food at Disney is on the pricier side, but the portions are usually quite generous. If you’ve got little people in your party (or people with generally smaller appetites) you can very easily split meals at counter service restaurants and save money.

11. Order Groceries

You can save both time and money by having groceries delivered to your hotel through services such as Amazon Prime or Garden Grocer. Non-perishable breakfast foods are always a good idea to keep in your room for those early morning grab-and-go days.

10. Go in the Off Season

Peak (higher) pricing is in effect during typical grade school breaks, so if at all possible, go at an alternative time to save money on tickets, resorts, and even food. The best times to go are usually in September, January, and the early weeks of May.  


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